The Jesus Curriculum


How do we make disciples like Jesus? 

Rick Leineweber dedicated his life to making disciples like Jesus did. The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) calls all followers of Jesus to make disciples of the nations but what does this mean and how is this accomplished? Rick demonstrates from Scripture that the most effective way to make disciples is to imitate the Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. 


We are excited to release, free to listen, the entire Pastor Rick Leineweber Sermon Archive. Head over to the Sermon Archive page to listen to various sermon series Pastor Rick has preached through the years. Also available on most Podcast platforms.

the Jesus Curriculum

We are in the process of preparing a print/published version of the Jesus Curriculum, the Master's plan for making disciples by teaching followers to obey the Commands of Christ. Stay tuned for its release coming in late 2023! 

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About Rick

Pastor Richard (Rick) D. Leineweber Jr. was a disciple-making specialist and fruitful pastor who lived from 1953 - 2022. His impact is still being felt through disciples making disciples all over the world.