About Rick Leineweber


Rick's Story

He spent over 40 years in fruitful disciple-making pastoral ministry in churches ranging from 25 to 4,000 in attendance. Rick was the President, Seminar Trainer, and Coach at www.BiblicalDisciplemaking.org. Rick had an infectious smile, was a skilled carpenter and roofer, and had an uncanny knack for organization and administration. Outside Jesus, his family was the most important thing in the world to him.

Coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus while attending Washington Bible College, Rick gave his life to service in pastoral ministry. Rick personally trained leaders on five continents and most recently was leveraging Zoom training to train pastors in countries all over the world (including Pakistan, India, Tanzania, Uganda, and Nepal!). A true discipleship specialist and serious student of God’s Word, Rick emphasized community-based and Christ-centered disciple-making that emphasizes the teaching and commands of Jesus. Rick was the author of the "Jesus Curriculum" and “The Commands of Christ” and numerous articles, small group lessons and skill training packets. His micro-mission in life was to equip leaders (lay & professional) to make disciples in community.

He was married to his soulmate of 47 years, Betsy Leineweber, and has three children: Joel (Michelle) Leineweber, Kimberly (Jonathan) Stauffer, and Philip (Sarah) Leineweber.

Rick has 11 grandchildren, Lydia, Seth, Clay, Andrew, Joshua, Jesse, Asher, Jason, Jackson, Isaac, and Daniel.


ABout Phil Leineweber

Phil Leineweber (Rick's youngest son) is an Associate Pastor at Berean Baptist Church in Mansfield, Ohio. Phil is the editor of the website, www.jesuscurriculum.com, and the host of the Rick Leineweber Sermon Archive Podcast. Phil blogs regularly and has resources for churches and ministries available at www.philwithgrace.com